Palak Chauhan’s journey filled with hope.

My name is Palak Chauhan I am 19 years old I recently completed my second year in college I am pursuing my degree in bachelor’s of arts in journalism and mass communication I live in Navi Mumbai Maharashtra Kharghar with my family. I am a writer, I love writing and its my passion since 2 nd standard I had a different craze for writing in my 9 th standard I decided to pursue my career in the field of journalism as it always fascinated me to be a news anchor too by watching news anchors on television I developed another level of craze and passion for this profession not because I want to show the world I always have different opinions on choosing my profession, I have my own websites where I publish my poems, articles, quotes and stories. I am studying at Amity University Mumbai Maharashtra; India I am the content creation executive at Ami Litzz Club and I have also performed in open mic events I also won the essay writing competition in my college by coming at the second rank. I did my schooling from Ryan International School Kharghar Navi Mumbai Maharashtra ICSE board.

About my work

I love doing social work and spreading awareness on critical issues like suicide, depression and anxiety with my articles also I write on human psychology as there are many people suffering out there with mental illness. I always look forward towards changing how the world looks at a particular situation in various events held at ISKCON temple I actively participate in them from the program named Food for Life or participating in drama at ISKCON theaters.

I distribute Bhagavad Gitas as per my weight for the betterment of the society and I also distribute books of our Founder Acharya Srila Prabhupada ISKCON is a worldwide center for one’s development my interview also got published in ISKCON’S souvenirs. My writings have been published in writer’s anthology for the year 2022 by 3 publication houses I have my Instagram handles for the promotion of my writings but sometimes, the engagement is very less. I post my blogs on and I have published a total of 113 articles my articles mainly focus on festivals, poems or a matter of utmost importance I believe that journalism is the key through which I can reach more people and spread my message clearly because world also needs voices to be heard and actions to be implemented by the same individual. I am a hardworking person I recently donated summer relief packages on my behalf to poor children, I love doing photography also my parents support me a lot and not only that I have also volunteered for CRY Foundation for education and rights of girlchild in the rural areas, I currently working against animal abuse with PETA India and Wildlife SOS I also spread awareness regarding saving the planet earth I participated in an event named the ‘world café’ where different delegates came from Egypt, Sri Lanka and many other countries for solving world issues. I am a yellow belt in taekwondo I wrote my poem dedicated to Indian soldiers of this motherland, I love reading and my favorite book is “the story of my experiments with the truth”, written by none other than our Bappu Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi, I have written 2 stories “A murder in Venice” and “Jewels of Prophecy”. Since my school days I had a special interest in history subject then I started visiting several museums which made me more attached to this subject I love mainstream movies which showcase such type of content to their audience soon, I will be starting a section regarding movie reviews where I will analyze about various movies which have contribute towards the sensitivity of the content and matters prevailing in the society. My article was accepted for college magazine ‘Ami Buzz’ I edited this magazine and also helped in proof reading of various articles written by students, my poems were showcased by Amity School of languages on ‘world language day’ during my school days I have also won various writing competitions my articles are proved to be an inspiration for many people of my age being a student and Indian citizen I feel that better laws must be implemented towards the solution of critical problems my future articles will include various matters which are not solved and people are suffering at a high rate because of these problems this country needs a changed perspective Modi ji is proving to everyone that his government is a good form of governance but other politicians are busy targeting him my work also includes empowering rural girl child in the field of sports and breaking various gender stereotypes women’s education is important for the development of this country thus, I believe that change is necessary.

Thank you.

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