Renowned Gif maker Ashwani Sharma aims to build a safer society with his empowering gifs  #ashwanisharmagif

Gifs are the modern way of expressing one’s thoughts and beliefs to the mass and making them understand the sublime meaning behind the images in a fun and entertaining way. Gifted artist, Ashwani Sharma has been sending powerful messages to people in India and all over the world with his thought-provoking gifs. He has created a new collection of gifs that are centered on the important theme of women’s empowerment.

With his newest gifs collection, he is trying to educate the male population in India on how to respect the women around them. He explains that in a country where women deities are worshipped, the name of the Goddesses comes before the name of the Gods, and slogans like ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’, and ‘Bande Mataram’ are widespread, people still use the words like mother, sister, and more in profanity. With his inspirational and educational gifs, Ashwani Sharma aims to change this vulgar mentality among people across the country.

Verbal abuse can have a lingering effect on not only women but children as well. Women feel degraded when they hear such profanity from the men in their life even though these words were not directly targeted toward them. They don’t feel safe in this environment. It is one of the reasons why women are still behind in various significant sectors like education, profession, and more.

His most popular hashtags are #jaishreeram #hinduism #hinduhit #hinduhiaage #bjp #modiforpm #jaimatadi #bababalaknath #derababarudru #shrishri1008sugreevanandjimaharaj #modiji #amitshah #harharmahadev #jogiji #yogiji. 

Ashwani Sharma is a rising artist who is making a difference in Indian society by tackling serious issues like politics, religion, women empowerment, and more. He uses his unique creativity and technical knowledge to create thought-provoking and brave gifs that send a powerful message to the viewers. These gifs are widely used by people on social media platforms.

His brilliant gifs discussed above can be found on the links given below:

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