Guwahati-Based Parichay Animation Launches India’s First Underwater Animation Feature Film

Guwahati (May 16, 2022): Guwahati-based Parichay Animation Studio is launching India’s
first underwater animation feature film
about a young mind whose curious quest for
answers brings him face to face with the world of humans and the large-scale
environmental consequences of human activities. Titled PaaniLok, the movie script is
written by Jayant Gupta & Nitin Sharma and is directed by Ankit Dey & Dipsikha Deka.

Parichay Animation Studio is a Guwahati-based animation design studio that has worked on
various Indian animation shows. They have also worked on International projects with
Nuviworld,, and UNICEF.

PaaniLok being the first underwater-themed feature film in the Indian animation industry
introduces a fresh perspective for all minds. Whilst talking about the serious environmental
impact caused by human activities, it also brings forth the beauty of a young child’s seeking
mind as it searches for adventures and what lies beyond the visible water world.

This is the first time that the Indian animation industry is making an underwater-themed
feature film based on a child’s coming of age as well as the serious environmental impact
caused by human actions. The primary language of the movie will be Hindi and English and
will be released worldwide in 2023 from Guwahati, Assam.

India’s coming of age in animation filmmaking is marked by animated TV series and films like
Chhota Bheem (2008), Roadside Romeo (2008), and Ramayana: The Epic (2010) among
others. Starting in the early 1900s with Dada Saheb Phalke’s Agkadyanchi Mouj-The Game
of Match Sticks
– India’s first stop motion film and continuing up to the present times with
blockbuster hits like Dabanng: The Animated Series, Indian studios and animation
filmmakers have come a long way.

Talking about the evolution of Indian animation Ankit Dey, Head of Parichay Animation
Studio and director of the movie mentions that today directors and animation houses are
capable of producing world-class films on their own. The idea behind making PaaniLok was
to showcase that it is possible to make a world-class animation film even in India.

Mr. Dey says, “The Indian animation industry has really evolved in the last decade. Adopting
new technologies & synergistically working with creative minds have made direction
possible at par with global animation studios like Disney and Pixar for their production

“Making an animation film requires a lot of money, effort, time, and high skilled artists. But
PaaniLok’s budget is comparatively lower than other films, yet the quality is much better
than other Indian animation films. We wanted to set a benchmark and bring a revolution in
the industry,” he added further.

Most animation studios in India prefer mythological stories because the major characters of
Krishna, Hanuman, or Ganesha are already etched in people’s minds, so it’s easy to build
stories on them. But PaaniLok’s script is an original composition and not adapted from any
other source. The characters are fresh, and this is the first-ever attempt in India to make an
underwater animation feature film.

The movie’s co-director, Dipsikha Deka says, “We chose this movie because it’s something
that perked our interest immediately. I am impressed with the story given by our writers
because it made me think that if we have to achieve something big for our Indian Animation
Industry then we have to challenge ourselves to complete a task that is new to us and one
that will make a revolutionary impact in the industry.

PaaniLok is our first underwater animation feature film where we have created a whole
world combined of land and sub-aquatic landscape, and where absolutely anything is
possible! It is broader than our reality. The movie is all about learning what we are facing for
survival and how we can save our environment in the upcoming days.

The main theme of PaaniLok is to save water and our environment. And we are hoping to
bring the changes among us by spreading the message through our movie.”

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