Rakhi Sawant cries inconsolably as she files police complaint against ex-husband Ritesh: Watch video

New Delhi: Actress Rakhi Sawant along with her boyfriend Adil Khan was spotted outside Oshiwara police station in Mumbai on Saturday (June 11) where she registered a police complaint against her ex-husband Ritesh for hacking all her social media accounts, misusing it and threatening her. An inconsolable Rakhi cried her heart out in front of media people and claimed that Ritesh does not want her to stay happy with Adil.

In an interview with ETimes Rakhi shared, “I have come to the police station because my ex-husband Ritesh is troubling me a lot. He has hacked my Instagram, Facebook, and my gmail account. He has entered his number and name in all my accounts. When we were together, he was handling my social media accounts and after we separated I did not change the passwords. I thought we had parted amicably and he would not take any revenge on me. But he is in revenge mode. He has clearly told me that he will destroy me. Today we all earn money from Instagram account and he has hacked that”.

She further added, “He is not even taking my phone or replying to my messages. I am requesting that don’t trouble me, but he just wants to get back at me because I am with Adil now. He is writing nasty stuff on my account about Colors TV. They will think I am writing it. He wants me to get banned by the channel and ruin my relationship with Salman Khan Bhai. He tells me that last time, you got to enter Bigg Boss because of me, now I will see how you will enter Bigg Boss with Adil. He is using abusive language on Instagram.”

Rakhi’s boyfriend Adil claimed that they tried to change Rakhi’s password but Ritesh has set his email ID as primary account so all the OTPs for password change go there. He also revealed Rakhi cannot access her Google Pay and Phone Pay as well.

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